Role of tour operator companies in Hajj travel

hajj tour operatorsTestimony of faith, Prayers (Salath), fasting during the month of Ramadan, the pilgrimage to Makkah (Hajj) and Giving charity (Zakat) are five famous pillars of Islam and the observance of these five obligations are essential for every Muslim.

Hajj is an important and quite different obligation in Islam because other four obligations are purely spiritual and can be performed anywhere in the world but in case of Hajj, a Muslim need to arrange many things before embarking on this very sacred journey.

Hajj can be performed only in the sacred city of Makkah which is located in Saudi Arabia. Millions of Muslims, all around the world come to Saudi Arabia for hajj every year.  Performing of hajj involves many arrangements so it is not easy for an individual to arrange all such required things. So there are many travel and hajj tour operator companies that arrange all these things to facilitate individuals to perform Hajj conveniently.

Hajj being very spiritual and essential obligation for Muslims, it is the strong desire of every Muslim to perform hajj at least once in a life.

Travel services companies commonly offer services that enable a common Muslim to perform Hajj without much problem. Such travel agencies offer services for Visa, air Ticket, Accommodation, transportation, food, health care and religious guidance to perform Hajj.

In Pakistan, government announces Hajj policy every year and in this policy government announces that how many people could go for hajj, what would be the cost of Hajj traveling, accommodation and transportation and many other things. Travel services agents follow the policy and facilitate the people to perform Hajj in best comfortable way.

There are many hajj tour operators in Pakistan but unfortunately all such companies are not credible and there are only few that deliver you the services which they promise to provide. It is extremely important to take care and only credible companies should be consulted for the travel of hajj.

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